Blank Living Abundantly Blank

I am inspired and fed by the beauty within warm-spirited people; I believe in living abundantly, with unabashed exuberance; and I appreciate life’s blessings, especially the simple ones that exist freely. It’s not about how much we have, but rather how much we enjoy and share our treasures with others. Giving is what nourishes the soul and replenishes us. As a designer, it is my joy and passion to share my vision and bring beauty to peoples’ lives. I want each and every client to feel valued, served to their contentment, and that their lives have been enriched through my thoughtful design. Communication and integrity are preeminent in the designer-client relationship, which affords me a true understanding of the client’s desires and needs.

I view every project as an opportunity to enhance a client’s life and those surrounding them. Engaging environments elevate our human interactions and suitable environments enrich us. I bring clients back to the comforts of family, tradition, and joyousness through interiors that foster those things. Comfort is resident in plush fabrics and luxurious furnishings, while tradition and joy are preserved by way of family heirlooms and prized possessions. Old and new become acquainted in my notably romantic designs, which encourage ease and elegant living.

For over a decade, I have been designing residential, office, and retail spaces in the Washington DC area. I am a native Virginian, who was raised locally in the historical town of Clifton, Virginia. As a Lehigh University graduate, with a business degree in finance, I also bring a practical approach to design. As a child, I spent years working in our small family business which further instilled a strong work ethic and business sense. I studied Interior Design at Marymount University in Arlington, VA and subsequently founded Elizabeth Krial Design, LLC in 2000. Whether it is fashion, architectural, or interior design, I have a profound love for all creative design and have devoted my life to the art. Home is with my husband, Mark and our three children in Reston, VA. Having three teenagers of my own, I do know a thing or two about designing for family living!

Elizabeth Krial

Elizabeth M. Krial, Principal Designer
Elizabeth Krial Design, LLC